Arnan Pratama Consultants
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   Jakarta Barat | 11610
   Phone :62-21 581 7202
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In order to perform our task as a consulting engineering firm with optimal result to the satisfaction of the client, Arnan Pratama Consultants has a qualified staff of technical professionals and an efficient internal organize enabling our firm to be well informed of the latest developments in each specific field of professional disciplines.
The contractual liability towards the client is legally vested in the “FIDIC” regulations of the Federation Internationale des Ingenieurss – Conseils.
These regulation also apply to members of “INKINDO” the Association of Indonesian Consultants.


The schedule of fees for the services of the consultant is also laid down in the above mentioned “FIDIC” regulations, which stipulate that a consulting engineer receives payment from one party only, the client.
According to these “FIDIC” regulations, the fee of the consultant may be calculated on the basis of time spent on an assignment, or on terms of a percentage of the cost of installations plus a compensation for work performed by his staff members.
If so desired, we may also make a deal with the client to the effect that our fee is calculated as an all-in percentage of the total cost of the building with its installations.

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