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In the event that a client plans to build a Hospital, a Factory, an Office Building, a Hotel or other types of projects involving implicated systems of building services installations, the implementation of specialized technical planning can not be visualized without external assistance.
The client therefore contract the services of a consultant, who will form a building team comprising an architect, a structural engineer, a technical consulting engineer, and a specialist as adviser.
Such a building team under the consultant's leadership will perform the multi-disciplined operations of planning and designing the project, and will control its realization by one or more building contractors.
The members of a building team are not chosen merely for their technical capabilities, but also because the client may trust them to act in the client's interest exactly as he himself would proceed, provided he had sufficient time and the specialized know-how.
It is important that the members of a building team be elected at the earliest stage possible, in order for the client to be able to make full use of their services and to maintain a close collaboration between the building team and client throughout the duration of the project.

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