Arnan Pratama Consultants
   Sentra Niaga Puri Indah T4/9
   Jakarta Barat | 11610
   Phone :62-21 581 7202
   Fax :62-21 582 6041
    PT. Arnan Pratama Consultants is an independent organization of consultants in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, founded in 1975 and became a limited liability corporation since March 1980.
    Since the beginning,  PT. Arnan Pratama Consultants has pursued and applied only the highest engineering design standards to anticipate developer or user needs and propels our profession forward.
    Following the companies restructuring to cope with the regional economic crisis of 1997, PT. Arnan Pratama Consultants is now once again recognized as one of the country's pre-eminent mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firms.
    Our rapidly growing team of now some 110 professionals provide a wide spectrum of specialization in the mechanical and electrical design services, from Commercial Buildings to Hospitals and Industrial Plants.
    For more than 35 years PT. Arnan Pratama Consultants has successfully completed more than 250 prestigious projects throughout Indonesia, and we are proud to serve the nation as one of the leading consultant in the field of mechanical and electrical installations.
    As a consulting engineering firm,  PT. Arnan Pratama Consultants is in the possession of an operating license issued by the Department of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia, and is registered as Technical Consultants at the Jakarta Municipal Authority, and is a registered member of INKINDO ( National Association of Indonesian Consultants )

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